Bus Uncle is
Not a person
but you can talk to him
He stays awake 24/7 to perform his duties as the reliable bus captain all commuters want to talk to. He is grumpy, friendly, and helpful. He speaks and understands Singlish fluently.
Bus Uncle is
Not an app
No install needed
Visiting the app store to install yet another app just for bus arrival information is unnecessary. Why waste that precious data and space in your smartphone? Just ask Bus Uncle lah.
Bus Uncle is
Your companion
He makes jokes and sends you emoji
He is artifically intelligent and built to engage you with a great conversation. You can banter, smalltalk, ask for jokes, or even discuss your favorite kopi and beer.
... this charming creole chatbot uses the right colloquialisms and is armed with a lot of responses
How can we help you?
Hello, who you want to talk to?
Bus Uncle Trainer