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We craft and deliver

Branded Messenger Content

Bus Uncle participates in thousands of personal conversations in parallel, yet each of his users has a unique experience. We integrate with multiple dynamic data sources and target branded content intelligently by geography, waiting times, jokes, and sentiments.

Branded Facebook Content

Bus Uncle uses his Facebook Page to rant about current affairs, take screenshots of funny conversations, and share about the shenanigans from his vivid life with Bus Aunty. We illustrate and post branded content through screenshots and stories, and continue those conversations in Messenger.

We will ensure that your brand achieves
Social Interaction

Bus Uncle lives and breathes on social media, so we can help you achieve your goals for social interaction by making him speak about your offerings.

Word Of Mouth Marketing-as-a-service does not get better than Singapore's favourite chatbot going gaga over your new campaign.

Engagement with Millennials

Millennials are driven by content, connection, and involvement but are constrained by energy, time, and committment.

Engage with them where they already are - on a messaging app talking to Bus Uncle! They listen to Bus Uncle, so they will hear you through his voice.

Hearts of Singaporeans

Everybody tries Singlish as part of their branding strategy to capture the attention of Singaporeans, but why spend so much time and effort doing that?

Bus Uncle is a born-and-bred Singaporean, and people know it because of his usage of cultural references and rants about local affairs. Come chitchat with us la, dun say bojio!

Take a look at

Bus Uncle's Usage
Bus Uncle has about
Bus Uncle's users are
πŸ‘©πŸΌ 57% female and 43% male πŸ‘¨πŸ»
81% are between 18 to 34 years old
Bus Uncle the Chatbot delivers content on his
We write hundreds of incredibly lame but hilarious jokes for Bus Uncle. Our jokes are remembered and people post about them in their own social profiles all the time. We can always incorporate your services in our jokes
We know when our users are feeling sad, angry, hungry, bored, and tired. We can recommend your service to them in real-time if you feel it will help them
If your store is near the bus stop of one of our users, we can let them know about that delicious new dish you want them to try. We can deliver geographically relevant messages by region, town, street, and even postal code
If a user has to wait 8 minutes for their next bus, they have 8 minutes to kill. During that time, we can show them your promotional video or link them to your content
Bus Uncle the Story Teller delivers content on his
We get tens of thousands of hilarious conversations every day. When a conversation is really entertaining, we screenshot it and post it on the Bus Uncle Facebook Page and comment on it as Bus Uncle. People are engaged with this content because they relate to them as they also send Bus Uncle funny messages
We can provide our audience and immersive experience through a Bus Uncle story. Bus Uncle lives in a fictional world - he loves kopi and beer, he has a wife called Bus Aunty, and he goes to Singapore Bus School where his trainer always teaches him new things.
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