Bus Uncle has one purpose: to give you the best commute experience.

Just say 'hi' to him, and he will WOW 😵 you with all his features.

From remembering your favourite buses, to teaching how to get home when you're feeling lazy today. He is the artificial intelligence you are looking for, the only friend you ever wanted, and the best chatbot in Singapore.

Bus Uncle does
Bus Arrival Timings
so you know how long you have to wait
Bus Uncle delivers real-time information about your bus arrival timings. You can even ask him whether the bus is a double decker, how crowded it is, and stalk the bus!
Bus Uncle does
Public Transporation Directions
so you know how to go anywhere
Bus Uncle gives you directions, to wherever you want to go. Step-by-step directions with buses, MRTs, and walking maps, as well as durations, transfers, and prices are shown for your convenience.
Bus Uncle does
so you look forward to Monday
Everyone has Monday blues, whether it is for work or for school. Bus Uncle's Monday Jokes subscription allows users to have a happier Monday because he makes their day better by telling them a new joke he learned.
Bus Uncle does
so you remember him when he needs you
When he learned something new or had an adventure with Bus Aunty, he will tap you on the shoulder and tell you about it. His notifications are not just one message, but stories you can take part in, for an immersive experience
Bus Uncle does
My Buses
so you can save your favourite buses and bus stops
As a user who uses Bus Uncle every day, you would not want to type the same thing multiple times. Bus Uncle provides functionality to store your favourite buses and bus stops so you have quick access to them.
Bus Uncle does
Go Home
so you can get back home safely
Bus Uncle allows you to tell him a place is your home, and he will remember it. Then the next time you tell him 'Go home', he will find all public transportation directions available to bring you home safely.
Bus Uncle does
Lazy, Late, Poor
so he suggests the best routes based on your situation or mood
When you tell him you are late, Bus Uncle will show the fastest way to get to your destination. When you say you're lazy, he'll find the trip with the least walking and transfers, and he'll give you the cheapest route if you tell him you're poor.
Bus Uncle does
so you can have an entertaining conversation with him
Bus Uncle's users delight in talking to him about absolutely anything. They tease him, they even ask him about his wife, and they even confide in him. Strike up a conversation like he is a real person, and you will be impressed with how chatty he is.